img_0314~ The Legend ~

Throughout the Land of Andiron, stories have long been whispered of an Enchantress named Ivy. She is rumoured to have been the most Powerful Enchantress of all time, yet she vanished from existence without a trace.

Ivy became a myth.

According to the legend surrounding her, Ivy had more up her sleeve than just ancient wisdom. It is supposed that her immense Power was fuelled by a mysterious Relic in her possession known only as IvyBones.

The mystery and temptation of such Power has led many brave and foolish souls to search for Ivy’s lost secrets only to vanish as completely as Ivy herself. The hunt for Ivy’s final resting place is well underway. But what lucky adventurer will be able to uncover her precious IvyBones?


The Story

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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

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